...Growing, Building, Cooking, Preserving, Crafting...

2006 began our urban homestead when I broke ground on a garden, which now includes perennial fruits, flowers, & many vegetable varieties. We dream of solar panels, keeping bees and hens. Until then we'll continue growing and preserving our own fruits and vegetables, building what we can for our home, cooking from scratch, and crafting most days.

Photo Gallery

Balaclava for V
Curb Surfing score I repainted for V's room
Upcycled from a thrifted woman's skirt
Upcycled from a pillowcase
Upcycled from a bandanna
Rec. Dept. basketweaving class
My birthday dress 2012 
Skort for V
V's Sea Serpent Dress
Provence Market Bag

Vera's Nature Pouch

Sheet Dress w/ Vintage Buttons, 1971 Pattern

Top button closeup
Christmas gifts for my nieces/nephew circa 2007--
stained, but clean aprons from former restaurant
gigs.  My retired art teacher neighbor helped me tie
dye then I cut and resized them, had a local
embroidery shop add the names.
Chloe's art apron
McK's art apron
"Little Black Dress," 1971 Pattern
Batik PJs
Summer Jumper, pattern circa 1978-1980

1950s style shirt

Green Ribbing "Scarf"

Ribbing "Scarf"

Scarf, formerly PJ pants

Dress w/ Vintage Polka Dot Fabric, Red sheet
Dress, formerly a sheet
Vintage Fabric, Pillowcase Applique/Panel,  1998 Pattern
Dress Panel Detail
Dress Applique Detail
Wrap Dress, formerly a sheet
Thrifted Wool 3/4 Sleeve Jacket, Pattern circa 1985
Repurposed T with Ribbing "Scarf"
Seam Detail of repurposed T
Repurposed inside-out T-shirt,  1974 Pattern
Repurposed T-shirt, 1978 Pattern
Vintage Dress, Ribbing "Scarf"
Stripe Front Skirt
Tunic Top with Hand-me-down fabric, Pattern circa 1973
Black Knit Top, 1978 Pattern
Handknit Organic Cotton Washcloths
Pillowcase Skirt
Patchwork Pillowcase

Appliqued Jumper for Vera

Woodland Elf Hat
Beaded Necklace
Green Wool Socks
Baby Slippers with Pillowcase Soles/Lining
"Herb Hoppe" the Green Bunny
Dress for Vera
Jumper/Pants for Vera
Vintage Pattern Sunsuit for Vera
Handknit Rollneck Sweater for Vera
Vera's Teepee
Pinafore for Vera with Pillowcase Fabric
Legwarmers made from my old socks
More Legwarmers made from old socks
Knit Cardigan made from "harvested" yarn
Knit Helmet
Vintage Pattern Girls' Shorts
Doll Clothes
Handmade Journals for Ryan and Quinn
Shopping Bag made from an old T-shirt
Memory Game from used canning lids
Makeup "Sponges" from Upcycled Flannel
Baby Boy Knit Vest
Vintage Damask Party Dress
Damask Party Dress II
Peasant Dress for Vera--Orange was a Pillowcase, other is Vintage Fabric
Girls Sundress upcycled from Women's Blouse
Kermit Pillow--formerly a T-shirt
Side of Kermit Pillow
Brick Road Skirt for Chloe
Tubular Scarf--vintage knit fabric
Knit Cap for V
Flannel "School Outfit" for V--Vest and Skirt
Dress for V upcycled from a Men's flannel
Knit Leggings--formerly a women's shirt legs
Upcycled Knapsack--appliqued over outdated embroidery
Rock 'n Roll Flannel Dress
Cowl "Scarf" Made of Ribbing
Gold Button Roll Brim Cap
Kids' Earflap Hat
Baby Socks
Wool Neck Gaiter
Wool Scarves
Canvas Mail Slots
Green Jumper with Sash, Pattern circa 1985
Jumper w/ Vintage Grey Wool, 1971 Pattern
Tubular Scarf, formerly Yoga Pants
"Safari" Shirt, 1971 Pattern