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2006 began our urban homestead when I broke ground on a garden, which now includes perennial fruits, flowers, & many vegetable varieties. We dream of solar panels, keeping bees and hens. Until then we'll continue growing and preserving our own fruits and vegetables, building what we can for our home, cooking from scratch, and crafting most days.


Room for a Big Girl

Today is our daughter's 4th birthday.  It was a foggy, near-spring Saturday with spring beauties trying to pop out of the ground when I labored peacefully in our bedroom surrounded by strong, beautiful women like our doula and midwife and my strong, supportive husband who massaged my lower back for several hours to ease my labor pain.  At 10 AM on the dot, little V entered our world and we were changed forever.
Happy Birthday to our little goofball
I joined her class this morning to celebrate her "four trips around the sun," which is the ritual in her classroom along with the birthday child giving a gift to the group.  We chose a metal tray to hold some of the Montessori work as well as small vase for the children's flower arranging work.  She was delighted to show her classmates what she'd brought and I was overjoyed to share small bits of each year of her life thus far as she circled "the sun," a bright candle on a small rug in the middle of the circle of children.

We've spent the day doing fun things, letting V choose.  We went out to lunch, to the museum and library and tonight we'll see a class play at school then settle in for a spaghetti and meatball dinner, dessert, some gift opening, and read birth stories and look at photos.  It's been a very special day.
A vintage I tasted last week at a wine tasting.
Perfect for the adults to enjoy for her big day.
We've considered V a "big girl" ever since she hit the big milestones like a toddler bed, no diapers, dry at night, getting herself dressed, etc. etc.  But we recently made it even more official by redecorating her room.  We now also have a guest room again as we put a trundle under our bed.  When friends come they can take over her room and she will still have a comfortable place to sleep.  And one of the best things is how many special pieces, heirlooms, and memories make up this room.

Vintage lamp I've had since my downtown apt.
eBay score hanging lamp for this little cozy corner
Vintage Lawnware lamp.  Yes!
Giraffe sand painting from Gram-E and Gramps'
trip to Africa
Wall hung shelf makes the perfect bedside table
with a cozy place for books and storage
room underneath
Some of the classics
Always thought this crazy quilt was my
great-grandmother's, but recently found out my
Gramma lifted it from a neighbor's estate.
I had this crazy quilt on my bed at my
downtown apt.  Glad to bring it back to life.
It's a bit fragile after over 100 years of life!
Fresh supplies for V's new art desk, which was a
repurposed table from her room's last
Art desk--plenty of drawing supplies and a drawer
full of paper galore!
Who doesn't love fresh art supplies?  Found this chicken feeder at the
ReStore and thought it would make the perfect caddy.
My old double bed, which belonged to my dad before that.  There's a
handwritten indication on the frame that it was from the late 60s.
The new loft fits well
Origami mobile from this year's Chinese New Year
The stain glass window a neighbor designed and created.  We had it
installed where an old window unit A/C was.
Not currently using the ladder, top bunk's off
limits unless guests are here, but the ladder fits
perfectly when it's down.
Trinkets and souvenirs from family journeys
including the music box from my first trip to
Switzerland in 1992.
Vintage satin quilt and duvet from the antique store. 
My old vanity from downtown--my mom
refinished it after finding it at the rummage of
one of my former teachers.  V's Chinese New Year
animal (the ox) framed above. 
A special place for her comb and brush.
Trinket from a friend's birthday party.
Bear my mom made out of my old baby blanket
and a stuffed puppet I used to love at a kid.
My dad's old bed frame. 
Her play kitchen hides away nicely in the knee wall closets.
Hiding some of the toys.
A batik hides the back of the mirror from the bed.
Love these painted green floors.
Corduroy Kitty from Great Aunt Jini.
The art desk fits snuggly behind the bi-fold door.
Vintage suitcases make great dress-up trunks.
Her fave activity at the art desk thus far is sharpening all the colored pencils.

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